Turn your shopping into a game and make money from it

What is LipLep?

It combines real in-store shopping with a game and earning cryptocurrency. Make normal daily purchases of goods, get receipts and scan them through the LipLep platform.

At the beginning of the game you get a unique character Shopper, which affects your earnings of game coins. Level up your Shopper to earn more money.

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Who is Shopper and what to do with him?

SHOPPER – is your game character. At the beginning of the game you get him for free. This character is fond of store receipts. Scan your receipts for him and use all game tools.


LIP token can later be withdrawn to a cryptocurrency exchange, exchanged for other cryptocurrency and converted into real money. It can also be used to level up your SHOPPER. 


Lep is a token that can later be withdrawn to cryptocurrency exchanges, exchanged for other cryptocurrency and converted to real money. It can also be used to level up your SHOPPER. You can get it by means of LIP game token conversion.

How to play the game?

Get your character

At the beginning of the game you get your unique character Shopper for free. He has random characteristics. Getting it is simple: just register in the LipLep app.

Scan receipts from stores

Visit any of your favorite stores, make purchases and get receipts at the cash register. All receipts with a QR code on them are suitable for scanning. Only 3 receipts can be scanned per day. When you scan receipts, you earn an internal LIP game token.

Game mechanisms

There are other mechanisms in the game that allow you to earn LIP tokens and other items:

– Getting a Lucky Box;

-a game, where you need to collect a basket of products;

-you should buy specific brands (this will be announced later);

– and other mechanisms.

Exchange Lip for Lep

Convert LIP to LEP

Level up your Shopper

Using the LEP you can increase the level of your Shopper. By doing this you can improve your attributes and earn more.

Turn LEP into real money

Soon you will be able to withdraw LEP to cryptocurrency exchanges, exchange to other cryptocurrencies and convert to real money.


- Team building
- Design development
- Starting the development of an app

July 2022

- Whitelist
- Site development (1 version)
- Whitepaper
- Development of Shoppers
- Developing registration and security systems
- Development of a receipt scanning system

August 2022

- Creating an alpha-version of a Telegram channel
- Start of testing process
- Development of marketing activities

September 2022

- Creating an beta-version of an app
- Testing process
- Token economy

October 2022

- Issuance of LEP token
- Issuance NFT

November 2022

Implementation of marketplace

December 2022


Mykola Smykovskyi

co-founder, CEO
More than 10 years of successful experience in marketing and management. Experience in developing IT products and bringing them to market. Real estate investor, cryptoinvestor, owner of local business networks. Volunteer of the charity foundation "We stand with Ukraine".

LipLep’s executives are serial entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience in developing mobile apps, augmented and virtual reality, as well as in developing IT solutions for businesses in the FMCG market and retail. Among our clients are top companies such as Philip-Morris, British American Tobacco, Oriflame, Hewlett Packard and others.

Our team is composed of professionals, enthusiasts, designers specially selected for LipLep, testers, programmers, marketers. Everyone is focused on the result and development of LipLep